Monday, August 20, 2012

Remote to your computer for free!

Now before you follow these instructions and set this up let me point out a few things. First it’ll be just easier and less time consuming to just use something like I use it; it works great, it’s easy, free for the basic functions and it’s encrypted. But since a co-worker was nice enough to share this information on how to do it by manual configuration, which is pretty cool to try and also free; I thought I’d share. With that said let me also point out  a very import side note – these instruction do not cover using a secure connection (SSL/HTTPS) this is however an option on most consumer routers and should be used!

How to enable DDNP on your home router for direct RDP connection.

·         Create a free account
·         Email verification
·         You will need your router IP Address
o   If you are looking for a specific device attached to your network look for your DHCP Clients Table on your router.
Go to the MyServices – Host Services page

·         Register your free hostname as such:

o   Yournewdomain.dyndsnoption.X

PING www.yournewdomain.dyndsnoption.x if you can ping it, your good on the DNS record.

On your home router ENABLEREMOTE ROUTER ACCESS and use PORT 8080 (This is not mandatory but if you are trying to do this while not at home or you want to access it outside of home you’ll 
use it.)

In your web browser search for your Domain name w/port :8080 as seen below

You will need to log into your home router using your router administrator credentials.


Look for your DDNS settings

You will need the following:

DDNS Service:
User Name:
HostName: yournewdomain.dyndsnoption.x
-          Save Settings and refresh
Should read “Update Success

Next you will need to locate APLLICATIONS & GAMING (or something similar)

You will need to forward a port for traffic; this will allow the port of your choice to send/receive traffic.
  •  APPLICATION – Name of your choice
  • START – Port # of your choice (5555)
  • END - - Port # of your choice (5555)
  • ENABLE – checked

Save settings.
On your home computer you also want to make sure you have RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) ENABLED

Windows 7      

Windows XP

Now open an RDP session and connect via your DYNDNS hostname -


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Windows trusted installer denying access to files

This was such a pain in the balls, installed an application but when I did the OWNER installed under TRUSTED INSTALLER, needed to gain permission to edit an file - he's how.

Follow the below Steps in Server 2008, Windows 7:

1. Right click on the file or directory.
2. Click on “Properties” on the right click menu.
3. Click on “Security” tab. 
4. Click on “Advanced” button at the bottom. 

5. In Advanced Security Dialog window, click on “Owner” tab. 

6. Here you will be able to see current owner (i.e. Trusted Installer).
7. To take ownership of the object, click on the Edit button.

8. Make sure to remove READ ONLY

Monday, July 9, 2012

AMTELCO Infinity Uninstall Strings /X {YUcK}

After spending the day in the fields of REGEDIT and other dark allies of the Windows OS, I've found and tested all the UNINSTALL STRINGS for AMTELO INFINITY:  Telephone Agent, Supervisor, AMCaptureInstall, Report Generator, Unified Reports and Unified Reports Runtime. I pray you never have to do the same. Locations of strings are located here:

ITNinja - Search for AMTELCO

SCCM 2007 report to find client by GUID

I was getting a critical error in my SCCM 2007 R3 Component Status log as follows:

SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER 5447 MP has rejected a policy request from GUID:XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX because it was not approved. The operating system reported error 2147942405: Access is denied.

I copied all the GUID information and created a report to search the database for a specific GUID as follows:

select * from v_R_System where v_R_System.SMS_Unique_Identifier0=@GUID

this SQL query includes a prompt for you to enter a single GUID, prompt info is as follows:

Name: GUID
Prompt text: Enter GUID
Default value: GUID: (this must be added as the query searches for the full value GUID:xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx)

The report will provide the client hostname, after locating the client I attempted to delete the client from SCCM and let rediscovery find the client. After the client was rediscovered the issue resolved. Short and sweet!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aaahh a fresh start

Aaaah a fresh start for a new blog...and a new Microsoft Surface tablet. Included is also new Windows 8, lots of new in here, huh? Here are the basic specs: Microsoft Surface Specs the only things missing so far, at least to me, are release date and the price.

Most tech review sites seem to think it was a good start. Some companies, as usual, are waiting around to see how the product release goes and if business functionality improves with the latest and greatest. Here are some videos and articles from people smarter than me.

Microsoft Keynote (WARNING! Boring)

RT and PRO difference break down from ENGADGET.COM